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Hero image Strandhotel en Strandpaviljoen Zoomers in Noordhollands Duinreservaat bij Castricum aan Zee

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Our roots, or about us..

So, about us, I will start about me: This on the photo is me – Carina – together with my father. I was born and raised on the spot where Strandhotel Zoomers now stands. Originally, this was the site of the old tea pavilion and my parents’ house. This pure and honest place is the inspiration for a special location where you can sleep on the beach. Enjoying nature and all the good things the Dutch coast has to offer.

In a world where everyone always has to do everything and is busy, we offer an oasis of peace. Here you come home, relax and reconnect. We call it living slowly.

How proud we are!

And this is (about) us today: Arthur and Carina. Since 2007 we are the proud owners of the pavilion and since 2019 our beach hotel has been added. A dream for us that has come true.

We love nature and all the good things in life. We will do everything to make you feel at home, because home is at sea with us.

Will you come and enjoy us soon?

Foto eigenaren Zoomers aan Zee - Carina & Arthur 2


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