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Would you like to make someone happy with a gift voucher? Great, that's possible! We have vouchers for the hotel and the pavilion. Nice to give away and even nicer to get!

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Always good weather

Nature cannot be tamed, but with us you always get a Zoomers feeling and we give a 100% recharge guarantee.

If the weather is not so good, we just turn up the heat!

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Súúúúper large car park only 50 metres away. The rate depends on the date and time of entry.

Don't feel like paying? At the beginning of the dunes there are parking bays where you can park for free.

Don't forget to breathe in the fresh sea air as you walk towards the sea!

Small disclaimer: When you get home, you'll probably find sand in the weirdest places, but oh well, you'll enjoy all the memories for a long time to come ;)


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