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Frequently asked questions

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We’ve gathered the frequently asked questions for you; please indicate below what your question is about.

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Arrival and departure

Does the beach pavilion belong to the hotel?

Yes, beach pavilion Zoomers is owned by the same owners and that is why we call it our ‘sister’. There is a close cooperation with packages amongst others.

Where is the beach hotel located?

The hotel is located on the coast in Castricum, on top of the dune overlooking the North Sea. The address is: Zeeweg 10, 1901 NZ Castricum. Plan your route to the hotel here.

From what time can I check in?

You can check in from 15:00.

We need the time to prepare your room, so unfortunately it cannot be done any earlier.

From what time should I check out?

Check-out is always at 11.00, unless you have booked a late check-out (13.00).

Can I park and unload at the hotel?

It is not possible to get out of the car directly in front of the hotel, but there is a “kiss and ride” lane on the roundabout at the end of Zeeweg. Get off here and let the strongest carry the suitcases!

After this you can choose where to park your car: you can park for free at the beginning of the dunes in the parking lots at Zeeweg (10-15 mins walk back) or pay when you drive into the car park. The rate depends on the date and time of entry.


Is the hotel open all year round?

Yes, our beach hotel is open all year round. Are you coming to stay?

Is there a reception desk in the hotel?

No, there is no reception in our beach hotel. Hotel guests book and pay online in advance and receive a personal access code for the room by e-mail. During the day, until 18.00 hours, there is always someone who can speak to you (by telephone). You will receive tailor-made advice and tips about the surroundings if required.

Can I cancel my booking?

No, in our terms and conditions, on the homepage and in the confirmation email that will be sent, it says that our reservations are non-refundable. Which means no refund is possible. Once the booking has been made, you agree to a final payment.

I can't book for 2 weeks in January, is that correct?

Yes that’s right. Every year in January we close for 2 to 3 weeks in order to completely refresh the hotel. New lick of paint on the walls, minor repairs, etc.

We would love to receive you before or after!


Can I eat at the hotel?

Breakfast and dinner are served in our ‘sister’ beach pavilion Zoomers. In addition, each room has its own design kitchenette with refrigerator.

Remember to book your dinner in the pavillion before 3pm if you want to be sure of a table!

Can I smoke in the hotel?

No, smoking is not allowed due to hygiene and allergies.

Are pets welcome in the hotel?

No. Although we are huge animal lovers, pets are not allowed in the hotel due to hygiene and allergies.

Until what time can I enter the hotel?

Since you have the access code yourself, you can enter and leave the hotel whenever you want. You don’t have to check in with us. However, if your stay is over, you will have to leave the room before 11 a.m. on that day.


Is there air conditioning in the rooms?

No, we do not have air conditioning in the rooms, but we do have fans available. Fans are much more durable than air conditioners because they use much less power.

What if I lost my access code?

Don’t panic, we have our emergency number for that: +31251342383.

The wifi is not working, help!

No problem, 9 out of 10 times the wifi works again when you switch it on and off. If you can’t work it out, please call: +31251342383.

Visiting beach pavillion

I have a deal from last year that I have not been able to turn in. Is it still valid?

Last year’s deals are no longer valid, but the value of these deals can be used in the Pavilion until 31 DECEMBER 2021. This is possible on new deals, but also on a la carte orders.

Can the high tea also be made vegan?

Yes, we can make the high tea Vegan from 4 persons or more.

Can the high tea also be made gluten-free?

For the most part we do. We do not have all types of pastries gluten-free, but we replace them with fresh fruit.

Can I make reservations on the terrace?

Unfortunately, you cannot make reservations in advance on our terrace. There are a lot of people who want to have a drink on the terrace and therefore we only take reservations on the terrace itself.

Can I bring my dog in the beach pavilion Zoomers?

Yes, you can bring your dog to the Strandpaviljoen Zoomers! Your faithful companion must be kept on a leash inside.


What is the address of beach pavilion Zoomers?

Our address is Zeeweg 51 , 1901 NZ Castricum. Plan your route to the pavilion here.

Is the beach pavilion Zoomers open all year round?

Yes it is! You are welcome in our Pavilion year round every day from 9.00 am.

Does the beach hotel belong to the pavilion?

Yes, beach hotel Zoomers is owned by the same owners and that is why we call it our ‘sister’. There is close cooperation with arrangements etc.

Can I park at Strandpaviljoen Zoomers in Castricum aan Zee?

There is a very large car park at Castricum aan Zee just 100 metres from the Zoomers beach pavilion. The rate depends on the date and time of entry. There are a number of charging points for electric vehicles.

Don’t feel like paying? At the beginning of the dunes there are parking bays where you can park for free.

What is the best way to contact Beach Pavilion Zoomers?

You can reach Strandpaviljoen Zoomers in different ways. You can call us at: 0251 65 36 25 or email us at: paviljoen@zoomersaanzee.nl You can also drop by on the beach: Zeeweg 51 , 1901 NZ Castricum.

Can I go to Castricum beach by public transport?

Yes! During the summer holidays (this year from July 16 to August 28), a free shuttle bus runs between the Castricum NS station and Castricum aan Zee.

There is an intermediate stop at camping Bakkum, so camping guests can get on and off.

There are no set times, but the bus runs twice an hour. The first bus departs at 11 a.m. from the NS station and the last departs at 7 p.m. from Castricum aan Zee.

Want to read more about how this came about? Click HERE.

When are dogs allowed on the beach in Castricum aan Zee?

So much fun to take your dog to the beach! The municipality of Castricum has set a number of times that dogs are allowed on the beach of Castricum aan Zee:

  • From 1 October to 30 April, dogs are allowed on the beach all day.
  • From 1 May to 30 September, dogs are allowed on the beach only before 10:00 and after 19:00.

This also applies if you have your dog on a leash and if it is ‘dog weather’. Oh, and do not forget to clean up the excrement of your dog!

Are dogs allowed to walk with me to the beach houses in Castricum aan Zee?

If you are staying in a beach hut, you are allowed to bring your dog, but only on the footpath. The municipality Castricum has also determined that the beach to the west of the footpath is forbidden territory for these dogs between 10.00 and 19.00 hours.

This also applies to the dogs of visitors to one of the beach pavilions.

Beach rules dogs Municipality Castricum

When are horses allowed on the beach in Castricum aan Zee?

So much fun to go to the beach! The municipality of Castricum has established a number of moments for this purpose:

  • From 1 October to 30 April, dogs are allowed on the beach all day.
  • From 1 May to 30 September, dogs are only allowed before 10:00 and after 19:00.

This also applies when it is beach weather.

Oh, and don’t forget to clean up your horse’s droppings! Someone else might just stumble over it…


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